Business networks

Egede ApS’ strength is expert knowledge in our field. Therefore, we have carefully selected our partners for their deep expertise in OT (Operations Technology) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) cybersecurity.

Below is the list of our partners and the networks we are members of:

Ampere is one of the best companies in the world when talking about deep and specialized knowledge in OT cybersecurity.

We are proud of being a partner with Ampere.


ThreatGen has developed a training in OT (Operations Technology) cybersecurity. The ThreatGen training is special in that the training is focused on Blue Team vs. Red Team and it integrates gamification.

For more information about ThreatGen, please contact Søren Egede Knudsen via email:

CSIS is one of the leading IT security companies in Denmark. CSIS has many cybersecurity specialists with IT knowledge. Egede ApS has made a partnership with CSIS to deliver cybersecurity expertise within OT/ICS environments.

Contact Søren ( for more information.

CCI is a non-profit organisation that focuses on cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), also known as Operational Technology (OT). These systems are often defined as critical infrastructure.

Søren Egede Knudsen is CCI instructor and the coordinator for CCI in Denmark. Contact Søren ( for more information.